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Before you book or buy

If this is the first time you are going to float, we recommend that you first read the post ” Before your first float “.

Then we recommend the ” Intro package “, so you can get acquainted with floating at a reasonable price.

As a general rule, it should be tried 3 times to find out if it works for you, and it requires a little getting used to in the new environment.

However, many experience the positive effects both by 1. and 2nd treatment.

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Experience well-being for body and soul

Purchase Floating sessions

Intro offer for new customers

Worth: 499 DKK

1.200 DKK

4 × Float bundle

Worth: 999 DKK

2,000 DKK

Save 498 DKK

8 × Float bundle

Worth: 699 DKK

Campaign price

3,400 DKK

1 × Float membership

400 DKK

Worth: 1,497 DKK
Voucher for 10 Floats

4,500 DKK

Worth: 2,495 DKK
Group offer
Worth: DKK 4,990

If you are coming in groups of 3 or more and want to experience floating at Float Studio, contact us today and let us help you find a price and solution that suits your needs.
We will help you and guide you so you can get a booking on your desired date.

Minimum: 3 people
Maximum: 10 people

save money

Buy NEO sessions

Easy NEO session

Campaign price

500 DKK

Voucher for 5 Floats

Before: 1,500 DKK

Campaign price

1,750 DKK

Value: 2,500 DKK
12-turn clip card

Campaign price

3.200 DKK

Value: 6,000 DKK
save money

Special offers

Total Reset

Campaign price

899 DKK

Value: 1.000 DKK
3 × luxury Float for 2 people

Before: 1,500 DKK

Campaign price

2.000 DKK

Value: 2.400 DKK

Save 1,000 DKK

Indulge in a personalized gift

Give a gift card

Treat a friend, colleague, acquaintance or loved one to a Float Studio gift card.

The recipient will experience well-being for body and soul, and subsequently thank you.

Before you book a session

This is how you book

Step 1

Choose the service

Choose one of our services and click on either “Copenhagen” or “Aarhus” in the menu.

Step 2

Choose a date

Choose a date by clicking on the dates marked with a purple color.

Step 3

Choose a time

If you want to float together with others then make sure that there is enough time available. There should be one booking per person. When using the Luxury Float Room then one booking counts for two people.

Step 4


If you have a gift card or voucher then this is where you write the code.

Do you have a voucher from Lifepeaks?

If you have a voucher from Lifepeaks then please contact us via email or phone.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us

Do you have questions about floating, the therapeutic benefits or do you need an answer to a given question? You are more than welcome to contact us via telephone or email.

Float Studio Copenhagen
Phone: 23 64 46 11
Email: kbh@floatstudio.dk
Float Studio Aarhus
Phone: 28 68 46 11
E-mail: info@floatstudio.dk
In doubt?

Watch video

Play Video
Book a session for one person

Single Float

Worth: 499 DKK

Campaign price

600 DKK

Book a session for two people

Luxury Float Room

Before: 699 DKK

Campaign price

2 people: 1,000 DKK

1 person: 800 DKK

Book a session for one person

Single Dry Float


400 DKK

Shopping Cart

Forlader du din kurv fyld med RO og en lækker rabat?

Tilføj din e-mail adresse for at gemme kurven og hvem ved, måske sender vi dig en lækker gave? ;)

How to book

1. Select desired service
Select one of our services and click on either "Copenhagen" or "Aarhus" in the drop-down menu to book an appointment.
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Book a session

Enkelt Float

Single Float



699 DKK


500 DKK