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The effective solution to the ultimate break

Experience the ultimate pause from daily stress with a Dry-Float session, designed to slow down your pace, recharge your energy reserves, reduce stress, and alleviate pain.

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What is Dry-Float?

Dry-Float offers a unique floating experience where participants feel weightless, akin to being in a traditional float tank, but are separated from the water by a thin membrane instead of being in direct contact with it. This method provides the sensations and benefits of weightlessness without immersion in water.

It has never been easier to float

Attending a Dry Float session is less cumbersome – since it doesn’t require bathing and changing, you save time and can more easily fit it into a busy schedule. In just an hour, you can be in and out of Float Studio again, achieving both tranquility and physical well-being.

Can be used by everyone

Everyone deserves access to physical and mental well-being. We understand that some people are unable to participate in traditional floating due to various reasons such as allergies, claustrophobia, wound healing, dizziness, and other conditions. That’s why we now offer dry-floating, an alternative method to achieve many of the same benefits as regular floating.

The results are clear

Just like with traditional floating, there are many research studies that support dry-floating, and the results are clear. Many of the same physical and mental effects, such as physical relief, faster recovery, better sleep, reduced physical and mental stress, etc., are achieved
despite the experience being different from lying in water.

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