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About us

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Well-being for the body and mind – this is the concept of Float Studio.

We ourselves float regularly and we know that it can have an amazing effect in all aspects of life no matter who you are or what you do on a regular basis.

At Float Studio we give you the chance to take a break from everyday life here at our little retreat.

We have managed to create two Floating Oases – one in the center of Aarhus and one in the heart of Copenhagen where you can escape from the hustle and bustle for a while.

You can in both locations spend time on getting closer to yourself and obtain a better quality of life through a unique and deeply personal experience.

We guarantee that you will feel refreshed and more relaxed after a visit at Float Studio.

Floating Therapy

Floating at Float Studio

Floating Therapy is popular in the World and we feel proud to be one of the first Floating Centers in Denmark. To make Floating more common in Denmark is our mission, and in Float Studio you will experience more than “just” Floating. The decor is inspired by Asia, the music is meditative and the atmosphere is cozy and accommodating.

We offer Floats with the duration of an hour and here you will experience peace, inner wellbeing and relaxation. On our Blog we highlight how our blog Floating has an impact on stress, self- development, chronic pain and much more. Have you not had your first Float yet? Then you can read much more about it and how you can prepare here on this site.

Higher percentage of salt than in the Dead Sea

Our Float pods

For our Floating sessions we use the Float pods from the brand I-sopods which is one of the leading brands in the World for Float pods. The model is one of the most spacious on the market and makes sure that you have plenty of room to make yourself feel comfortable and relaxed. The I-sopod is about the same size as a small car and has 50% more inner space than many other Float pods.

The I-sopod is filled with 550kg epsom salt which makes the salt percentage of the water higher than of the water in the Dead Sea. The salty water will make you float instantly. The water is at body temperature and after a while you will not be able to feel the difference between your body, the air and the water which can give you the impression of being weightless in Space.

As a new concept we now offer the Ocean Float Room in both Aarhus and Copenhagen. Our Ocean Float Room is a big Float room which you step into via a door. This is designed for couples, friends and for people who wish for more space.

Breathe and enjoy the silence

Our Float Lounge

You can lean back, breathe and relax before and after your Float in our Float Lounge. We have decorated the lounge area in a way so you can enjoy a cup of tea and maybe delve into an interesting book before going back into the World again.

We recommend that you arrive well in advance so you can enjoy a moment of peace before your session. If you wish for a longer lasting effect from your Float we would recommend for you to take some extra time after your session to simply relax in our soft furniture.

The team behind

Who are we?

Float Studio was established in Aarhus in 2018 by Jonas Olesen & Nikolai Flyvbjerg Kristensen with the dream of creating an oasis where the individual is at the center, and where it is possible to care for body and mind with float therapy under cozy and optimal surroundings. A little later on Sara Dencker joined as co-owner of the company.

To create awareness and help people

Vision and mission

We want to make everyone acquainted with the many advantages Floating has to offer. With Float Studio we wish to create a modern alternative to the health treatments being offered in Denmark and also create new possibilities within the realm of mindfulness and personal development.

Our mission is to help as many people as possible in gaining a better quality of life and overall well-being through Floating Therapy.

It is in our core to care for the climate here at Float Studio and we acknowledge that we have a social responsibility which is why we actively want to impact the climate in a positive direction. Therefore we have chosen to plant a tree together with you and www.onetreeplanted.org or every product being bought at Float Studio.
Our Float Pods are energy friendly and they barely use any electricity so you can enjoy your time at Float Studio with a clear conscience.

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