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What is Float Studio? We have always said that our mission with Float Studio is that we want to create an environment and free space for our customers where they can find themselves and find a home in themselves. So that’s exactly what Float Studio is all about. A free space in the heart of Aarhus. Float Studio is a homely oasis where you can experience ultimate wellness. Most people probably associate wellness with a weekend on a spa / wellness stay far away, and often for a lot of money. Typically, you probably experience that when you book a session for a spa stay or wellness, that it is about lots of pampering, and that the more things you experience, the better. There are so many things you have to experience that it is almost unmanageable. But what does wellness really mean? The word wellness comes from English, and directly translated to be well, and has a double meaning: to be healthy and to feel good. Wellness actually includes physical, mental and emotional, spiritual and social well-being. At Float Studio, you only come for one thing and one unique experience. To float – and find yourself.

In the typical wellness stays, such as Vejle wellness stay, you must go through both the Thermal Baths and Thalasso Spa, dinner, massage, accommodation, breakfast buffet and often even more. For the busy Dane, it can be difficult to find time to take an entire weekend off his calendar. Our idea has always been to make our wellness easy, simple and easily accessible for most people – 60 minutes of floating and you have experienced ultimate well-being and wellness. Wellness is for us body and mind in balance. In Float Studio there are no mirrors present, except for the toilet. That’s because it’s not what you need to focus on, either before or after your float. There should be a focus on how you feel and not how you look. Of course, we offer our customers that they can come down to the bathroom, and dry hair or remove / lie makeup if they have a daily routine to take care of after its float.

We believe that floating is for everyone who wants a higher quality of life and self-insight – and is not just for people who suffer from illness or chronic pain. It is the ultimate well-being and is for us the ultimate wellness .

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