Welcome to Float Family

Nice you are curious to hear more about the Float Family program and have come to this point where we provide a deeper understanding of how the program works. We will now step by step guide you with video and descriptions, so you get a good insight into the program, as well as an overview of the prizes

How to get started

1) Create user and log in.

Follow the video and then log in to the platform via this link: floatstudio.dk/float-family-portal You’re good to go and ready to join Float Family.


Our partner program is developed as a collaborative structure between you and Float Studio.

There are no deadlines or time limits in relation to your project. having to achieve numbers or perform within a certain period of time. Once you reach a level, you stay there until you hit the next level – and will never be able to fall in commission rate.

We have chosen this because we want a long and healthy collaboration that continues to benefit you and us – both now and in the future.

We guarantee full transparency and you can follow everything via. Partner portal. If you need help or questions, we are always ready to help.

You can contact us about everything in relation to the program and cooperation on partner@floatstudio.dk.

We hope you want to join the journey of spreading floating in Denmark and motivate others to invest in their own physical and mental health. For many, floating is a game changer and the best support in the process of taking greater care of themselves. As part of Float Family, you can take part in this.

1) 7.5% is the starting commission
2) 10% after 2 referrals (Regardless of purchase amount)
3) 12% when your referrals have purchased for 4000,-
4) 14% when your referrals have purchased for 8000,-
5) 16% when your referrals have purchased for 15.000,-
6) 18% when your referrals have purchased for 30.000,-
7) 20% when your referrals have purchased for 45.000,-

*No commission is earned on own purchases
** A referral means a sale made through your unique link
**Commission is paid out of the amount after VAT has been deducted

Example: A customer buys a 10-trip card for  3600, – with a 20% discount and you are on commission level 2. After VAT, the amount is 2700, – which you earn 10% of= 270, – DKK on this reference

BONUS: In July and August you will be rewarded with 1x Dry float session. per referral you make.

Prize table

Retreat with Jesper Westmark (Value 7000,-)
Wetality Water Purifier incl. subscription (Value over 4 years 18.000,-)
*Referrals are sales through your unique link.
  1. To celebrate the launch of our affiliate program, we have chosen to offer 2 delicious main prizes to anyone who makes at least 7 or 12 referrals over the next few months between June 21st and August 26th. The winner will be selected by lot.
  2. As soon as you are registered on the Partner Portal, you are automatically guaranteed a discount in Float Studio for yourself, friends, family, colleagues, networks and followers for all the time you are a partner. When you share discount codes and unique links, you’ll be rewarded with a commission.
  3. Once you have completed 7 referrals by 26. August 2023, which will be for sale, via your unique link you are automatically entered into the draw for an optional retreat v. Jesper Westmark – whenever it suits you!
  4. After 12 referral sales by 26. August you are in the draw for a Wetality Water Purifier (including 4 years subscription to filters) – the world’s best water purifier with reverse osmosis, mineral application, hydrogen boost and much more – Read more here: Wetality Water Purifier
  5. BONUS: For every referral case you make from June 21st until August 26th, you will receive 1x dry float session of 45 min, which you can use yourself, spoil friends or family with or make a giveaway to your network and followers.

How to book

1. Select desired service
Select one of our services and click on either "Copenhagen" or "Aarhus" in the drop-down menu to book an appointment.
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