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To take care of oneself. Do you remember?

2 years in Float Studio has been a journey in creating the best space for our customers. Navigate in development and challenges at all levels. While we were individually and together on constant overtime and in that connection at the same time had to take care of ourselves, something special happened. We have had periods of deep, healing experiences, among other things, in connection with our practice of floating and now NEO. But also all the other tools we have learned on our way through life. It all culminated with the development of Float Studio, being a boyfriend, parent and human being. We forgot ourselves, we found ourselves. And we found together. We found together in the support of remembering to take care of each other – and in that connection also remembering to take care of ourselves. The motivation to be the best you can be, even when it was most difficult. We have left each other open and vulnerable, and then we have supported each other to get better when it was toughest.

The space we have created for each other is unique, and in the process we have learned as much as human beings, including how important it is that someone wants to help you and how important it is to listen to oneself in order to could be there for others. This is really all we want in Float Studio. It is our highest intention every day: to create the space where you can take care of yourself.

We keep the room where you feel safe and welcome. Where we are ready to support you but also leave you in silence if you need it. And when it’s hard, it’s okay, because we know that feeling about someone. Therefore, we are also able to be there for you and feel into what it is that is needed. To work intensively in the midst of chaos. To let go when you feel you have to hold on. It is perhaps the best medicine available. Because you do not have to hold on all the time. Chaos can be felt and it can be hard to put into words. Sometimes words are not even needed, because when we stay in silence, we create space for our body and mind can find its way back to something natural, healthy and nice. The world we live in with countless and constant influences makes it difficult in everyday life, but therefore it is more important than ever to be able to do it anyway – to find peace in ourselves and in the world around us.

That’s what we’re offering, and we’re incredibly proud of it. We love to see you all and what you do for yourselves. We are so happy to be allowed to share all the experiences with you, and that is why we now choose to make special courses. Based on our personal experiences and our many customer experiences, it is clear that we must now go that route. We have therefore put together 4 courses with the purpose that you can dedicate time and energy in creating peace and balance for yourself – quickly, intensively and efficiently.

Thank you to all of you who have come, who have healed yourself and shared your life with us. And thank you to all of you who choose to come, we look forward to seeing you.

Dearest all of us in Float Studio.

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