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The ultimate digital detox

You already know that. We are becoming more and more stressed while spending more and more time on social media. The average Dane has 4 hours of screen time on a daily basis and the phone has become a time waster without equal. We seize it at every opportunity we get and we are bombarded with endless advertisements and all sorts of indifference.

Digitization has certainly done a lot of good for us and has made many things possible, but it has also become a bad habit. We use our phone as a refuge, to avoid situations and to look like we are busy so we do not have to relate to people or situations around us, and even worse, to have to relate to ourselves.

We can not do anything without it having to be documented with our little supercomputer. We live almost through it and as if our lives depend on it. Do you even remember what it was like before we all had smartphones and social media?

It is of course about habits and routines, but knowing that we are constantly “connected” we are also “disconnected” We are disconnected from the world around us. Disconnected from nature and our true selves. By constantly staying in the cloud or relaxing in front of the television, we distance ourselves from ourselves and our inner world. We are stressed, anxious and depressed more than ever before and digitalisation is undoubtedly having an impact on this. We are far from our human potential precisely because we have disconnected. It is natural to sleep at night and be awake during the day. This is how nature has designed it. The man-made technologies, disconnect that connection and make it easy for our ego to find security in the distractions, rather than relating to ourselves and who we really are. It is natural for us to follow the herd as the herd animal we are and it has unfortunately become such that digitalisation has almost been forced on us, because how can we exist in modern society without facebook, ebox and easy-id without it all becoming fucking awkward?

The best thing we could do would be to unplug and go out into nature for a week and leave all the electronics at home, spend time in the fresh air and go to bed when the sun goes down and get up with it again, to reset all our systems, but who has time for that in today’s Denmark? What’s so great about floating is that it allows you to do it all in just one hour. By limiting all our senses and staying in the float tank, we can give ourselves the peace we deserve and wash the board clean. It’s an hour where you have to deal with nothing but yourself. Forget the outside world. It no longer exists. It is only you and your thoughts, without the possibility of being interrupted.

It is not too funny that meditation has proven so effective, on so many parameters when it comes to good mental health. The only meditation is, an observation of your thoughts and your inner universe, without judging or controlling anything. It requires a lot of practice and one can easily get howled out of it, but in the float tank, neither the body nor the world outside is a distraction. It is a form of forced, deep meditation and it gives everyone the opportunity to easily free themselves from the rapid race in the outer and take on the inner journey that we so desperately need. When you get deeper into meditation, it will give you a different perspective on yourself and your life. It can free you from worries by finding solutions and seeing opportunities you could not see before because you were busy or distracted. You will be able to feel yourself and your own nature, without the filter you normally stay in. That in itself can be the solution you need or just a great experience of your own consciousness you have never experienced before. In addition, there are all the physiological benefits that top the experience and leave you in ecstasy.

By releasing endorphins and dopamine, your mood improves, giving you even more mental surplus so you can maintain your natural balance, which is what helps you avoid stress and anxiety. All of these diseases are not natural, but are a side effect of our way of life. Floating actually goes in and affects the parasympathetic nervous system, which is part of the autonomic nervous system and is responsible for the body normalizing conditions when a danger is over You do not have to feel stressed or depressed for this to be good for you.

Everyone should give themselves the opportunity to get closer to themselves and ignore the world outside for just one hour. We have all the tools inside that can help us live the life we want and become our own best version. We basically want everyone the same. We will be happy and happy. We want to be loved. It’s so simple, but we chase it in external experiences and the physical world. We have forgotten that it is always available to us. by simply removing the distractions and looking inward we can open up a sea of happiness and love. The ocean is in the float tank and it is available right now. Do yourself a favor and come down and give the floating a shot. We help you with joy, well on your way on your inner journey and a new start with more joy and love.

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