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The inner focus

The inner focus.

Who am I? A deliberate question that has hovered over us for many centuries. But also a question many may ask themselves often, or at least have thought the thought. Society and the world around us are speeding away, and everyday duties are calling. A world where we have to perform in order to keep up. But also a world that offers fantastic and exciting experiences. The world is available to us, and in it is life.

Awareness will be a key word in 2019, where all focus is on the world as a whole. Here we often forget ourselves. We forget to direct the inner focus, and get to know ourselves better. The inner focus is diverse, but the same for all of them is that we find peace in ourselves. In meeting yourself, there is silence. You are present, yet not present, but there is calm.

In there where it’s just you, and everything. Where time does not exist and where you do not have to achieve anything. In there in the great void, there are many answers. We often forget that the answer lies in ourselves. When it comes to life and our existence, there are many questions you can not find answers to other than going into yourself.

Here, Float Studio manages to create the perfect setting for such an experience. By placing yourself in an environment that removes you from the many reminders and chaos of everyday life. Here you have the opportunity to be alone with yourself in a very unique way. The physical and mental element now has the opportunity to relax and interact without disturbance. In this moment, you can experience the inner peace and your focus automatically becomes on yourself.

Here floating occurs, in its unique form. This is where you find peace, but also where you find answers. This is where ideas, creativity and development begin, and this is where your journey in life takes its next step.

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