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The experience of floating after the 3rd float

We always recommend our customers to buy our intro package. Why? It’s actually quite simple. One first begins to feel the magic and the full experience of floating around the third float. You will clearly be able to change from your first float to your third (and the following times after).

For many first-time floaters, it is easy to fall into the “was it?” Trap. But anyone who floats regularly will know that the 60 minutes in the floating tank is not what it’s all about – many of the benefits and effects only start when you finish your session. It is important that after your first float you feel your body and process what you have just experienced. Floating is a very special, unique and individual experience, and especially the first time. We are used to our technological world to always look at our phone or have the television on when we have nothing else to give ourselves to. We are not used to being alone with ourselves and our own thoughts. In our society, there are constant stimuli from the moment you go to bed, to the moment you wake up. It therefore requires a little patience to get used to the unique environment of the float tank, where there are none of the normal stimuli or everyday stress.

There are a number of benefits to regular flow therapy. Some of them include:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces chronic pain
  • Improves one’s creativity
  • Improves one’s focus
  • Improves one’s sleep

And it’s very simple. The more you float, the more benefits you will experience.

Christina, who today is one of our regular customers in Float Studio, has written two blog posts about her experience and development with floating. After Christina’s first float, she noted: I had completely lost my sense of time, so I began to wonder how much time was left. I got a little restless and started lying and counting minutes while checking the anxiety I still had when the thoughts of darkness, water and underground caves popped up. When I finally started to focus intensively on my breathing, which I have previously used in various meditation practices, I gradually found peace. ”

It is very natural that the first time, like Christina, you spend a lot of energy on calming down when you are in an unfamiliar environment. Fortunately, however, most still find peace on their first float. Up until the second float, Christina had unfortunately been in an accident and had a concussion, and therefore had pain in the neck.

After the 2nd float, Christina noted: “This float was much better than my first! I was still having a bit of a hard time letting go of control. I needed to know where I was in the float tank. I was fine with the off light, and time went much faster this time. I did a body scan which helped me relax and get down into the body. I could feel the pain from my neck and considered that next time I would use the neck pillow that is available so I am sure I will get proper relaxation in the neck. Subsequently, my nervous system was completely calm and I sat in the lounge for a long time before I wanted to go out into the world. ”

Often our consumers find that their second float is much better than their first. There is not so much focus on how one’s session will take place – but more focus on oneself.

After Christina’s third float: “Today I was able to let go completely. There was no anxiety, no need to have complete control and no restlessness. It was just pure well-being. There were many thoughts, but they were constructive and innovative. My nervous system was subsequently completely calm and I did not feel my pain. I did not want to get up at all when the light came on again. ”

Again, it’s a very individual experience – but we often find that many of our consumers find much more peace at the third float.

Christina’s fourth float: “I was looking forward to today. I think you can become addicted to floating and the indorphins that are excreted in the body due to the enjoyment and well-being. I had an equally fat float as last time. However, felt my neck very much this time, and could suddenly feel the pain in my head, identical to the pain I had at the moment I hit my head. I used the neck pillow today and it helped stabilize my head. The backward bent position one has in the water without the pillow is not so good for my neck right now. I can feel that the state that the float gets me in is really good for my healing of my concussion. It gives peace and recovery to my brain ”

Christina went from being panicky and insecure to finding peace and experiencing pain relief. Today, Christina is a regular customer with us, and comes regularly. She has floated many times, and today she experiences that she is taken to a completely different dimension every time she visits Float Studio.

If you would like to read Christina’s blog post yourself, then you can read them both at the link below. First link is Christina’s first float and experience of Float Studio. The second link is her experience and development of 2, 3 and 4 float and a description of how floating for her has been pain relieving.



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