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Why floating?

The total silence of the Float pod can create increased focus, creativity and elevated stages of super learning, where your learning ability improves significantly.
Learn to be in the moment and let go of worries about the past and future. The unique Float environment allows new people within mindfullness to achieve deep meditative theta stages that only experienced meditation practitioners usually achieve.
You will achieve complete peace through Floating, which helps you stay focused, think clearly and solve the challenges you face on your way.
Floating brings your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system into balance. Therefore, you will experience a deeper and more restorative sleep.
By limiting sensory input for body and mind, floating gives you a unique opportunity to achieve deep stages of relaxation and initiate automatic healing processes.
Research shows that Floating can have positive effects for people suffering from anxiety, depression or PTSD.
When you float, it feels like you’re weightless. It can help relieve many of the stresses your body is exposed to and will increase the emission of endorphins, which help with chronic pain and many other conditions
Pregnant women achieve in-depth relief with floating, as the weightless environment relaxes and removes pressure on the body.
Pregnant women achieve profound relief with floating, as the weightless environment removes pressure on the body. Relief and sensory isolation make it possible to achieve a deeper contact with the child.
Welcome to our oasis

About Float Studio

Float Studio was established in 2018 by Jonas Olesen and Nikolai Flyvbjerg Kristensen with the dream of creating an oasis where the individual is at the center, and where it is possible to nurture body and mind with flow therapy under a cozy and optimal setting. Sara Dencker later joined as a co-owner of the company.

We hope we can help you find the best version of yourself for many years to come.

See you in Float Studio in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Get a break from everyday life

We offer

Single float

A 60-minute float session in your own float pod.

Luxury float room

The large cabin with plenty of space for 1 or 2 people.

NEO therapy

A 45-minute "Natural Energy Optimization (NEO)" session.


For you who want a change in your life.

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“Floating gives me a respite where I forget everything.”

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“You really deserve to have one hour alone and reset.”

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“Floating gives me a unique opportunity to be quiet in myself.”

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Blog about floating and wellness

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Well-being is a broad term that can mean several things in health and wellness, but for us at Float Studio, well-being is the total benefit

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Our surroundings

To give you the full experience, we of course also provide cozy and relaxing areas. You can sit in our lounge and enjoy a cup of tea before and after your float, or have a nice chat with one of the staff. Whatever you want, we always have room for you.

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