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Self-development and floating

With floating, you have the opportunity to give yourself one hour of peace and quiet to concentrate on your self-development, while you really feel how you feel physically and mentally. With a floating session, you get closer to yourself via an intense experience in a completely unique environment, where the focus is only on you and your well-being. Are you interested in knowing more about how floating as a tool can help you with your self-development? Or should you try your first float soon? Then read this blog post, where we will, among other things, get into what self-development is and how this can be improved with floating.

What is self-development?

The concept of “self-development” has many different opinions and attitudes attached to it, which makes it a whimsical quantity that can be difficult to explain or understand. According to the dictionary, self-development means “a person’s work to further develop one’s personality”, which is generally correct, but at Floatstudio , the concept covers more than just that. For us, it is a human trait that everyone should nurture throughout life.

It’s not because you have to be a better you than you are now. It is more for the purpose of creating a positive personal development. We are all on our own journey and therefore also live different lives, where for one reason or another we have ended up where we are now. This is usually a mix of selected surroundings and decisions that we have made on our journey.

But no matter where we are or what our travels have looked like, the truth is that nothing has happened to us but to us. All opportunities and situations are a chance to grow as human beings. Everything is a choice, but in fact also an opt-out. We choose for ourselves whether we want to be happy or sad, positive or negative, brave or scared. With floating, you have the opportunity to develop yourself in the direction you want to go.

Feel yourself

When did you last notice how you actually feel? How does it really feel? Have you remembered to give yourself space, opportunity and care to feel who you are and where you are going? Or are you driving around on autopilot and are actually not present among your surroundings?

Everything goes fast in our modern world, where all possibilities are present and where everything is possible. It is therefore easy to be influenced by one’s surroundings and thus difficult to simply listen to oneself, one’s body and mind. Just having to be present in the now and let the mind and body have absolute peace can be hard to feel if the outside world does not allow it. You must therefore remember to feel for yourself where you are and how you feel if you want to achieve the optimal process of self-development.

Get calm to develop yourself through flow therapy

Do you want more profit in your everyday life for those you love, your colleagues or just for others in traffic? Do you lack inner peace that makes everyday life easier with a clearer head? Do you feel rested so that your creativity and your mood are top notch?

All this floating can help you achieve. You do not need to be able to meditate , have the ability to work with yourself or have knowledge about mindfulness. The float pod – the floating tank that you are in during a float session – carries you through a stage of deep and comfortable rest, where you get more mental leeway to organize your thoughts and the opportunity to unwind.

The experience is indescribable to many and therefore very individual and personal. Floating can be the most effective tool for anyone who wants to develop personally or professionally. It is a fantastic experience where you can consciously put everything away and with a clear conscience give yourself to your own consciousness.

With floating you get an indispensable teammate

In a society where you often have to perform and always be involved, floating can be an indispensable player in your personal development. At the same time, you also get the opportunity to master the art of being more present and getting more out of the present.

By floating regularly, you can manage life with greater action and hit the results you want to achieve. Whatever you want to work with, the float pod is the most important tool to take your quality of life to a higher level. For us, self-development is not just about becoming your best self, but also learning to enjoy yourself, life and where you are right now.

Do you want to start your self-development today and feel the floating on your own body? So finally book a time!

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