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Body, Mind & Soul

Floating and NEO therapy – stress courses are a unique combination that gets you back in mental balance in just 6 weeks.

As the only place in Denmark, Float Studio offers this course, which takes care of you and your challenges.

Whether you are frustrated, showing symptoms of stress or experiencing physical pain, the course can alleviate it all.

We combine a 6-week stress and transformation course, Floating and NEO therapy – a groundbreaking offer for you who want a life without stress and discomfort.

Natural Energy Optimization (NEO)

What is NEO?

Natural energy optimization (NEO) is an energy that contains water in its natural form and that can be supplied to the body’s cells. Energy restores the imbalance that has arisen as we humans have moved further and further away from nature, both in our physical environment and in the form of what we eat and drink.

Our NEO center is a room where structured, energetic water creates a strong energy field. The energy in the room has a positive effect on the body’s cells. The cells are de-stressed and regain their natural balance.

Floating Therapy

What is floating?

Floating is flow therapy. You float weightlessly in magnesium-containing salt water in a specially developed float pod, which isolates you from stimuli for 60 minutes. The brain and body recover and recharge themselves and you achieve total relaxation.

Floating creates space for meditation and complete well-being, and Float Studio’s quiet surroundings are specially designed to get you down in gear and find home in yourself.

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