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Floating can very well be effective within only a few sessions but if you wish for a more grand change in your life then a Course can be the answer. Regardless if you are up against mental or physical challenges a Floating Course will assist you in even greater benefits from the treatments and boost your personal development.

In a Course you dedicate yourself to more treatments in a short period of time. You will get them at a favorable price and most importantly get a unique opportunity to work with yourself and create a lasting change in your life.

Peace in mind and body

8 × Floating Course

For you who wish to obtain more peace in body, mind and nervous system in a short period of time.

When experiencing:

Worth: 3,992 DKK

Your price: 1,899 DKK*

Only 10 spots in total

4 × float + 8 × NEO

Combi Course

For you who wishes to work more intensely with the imbalances in body and mind and wish for a positive change in several areas.

When experiencing:

Worth: 5,994 DKK

Your price: 2,497 DKK*

Only 10 spots in total

Achieve mental surplus

8 × NEO course

For you who want more mental surplus to withstand the challenges you face. For you who want to give the body the best possible conditions to be able to repair and heal itself.

Among other things in connection with:

Duration: 30 days

Value: 4,000 DKK

Termination price: 2,000 DKK

Only 10 seats in total

Life-changing course

Body, Mind and Soul courses

For you who need to take comprehensive care of yourself. Who wants to change habits and get down into the body on top of / in connection with eg sick leave or you who want to create a transformation on all levels. Life-changing course.

For you who:

Duration: 60 days

Normal price: DKK 6,990

Intro price: DKK 6,290

Save 10%

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In doubt?

All our Courses can be adjusted to your personal preferences and situation. If you have doubts on what will be best in your unique situation then book a free consultation here.

We will give you a call and find a solution that will be most suitable for you. Book a free consultation.

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