Optimize your entire body

Empower yourself with NEO

An easy and natural way to more energy

Optimize every cell in your body

Sit back, close your eyes and optimise every cell in your body — in just 45 minutes. NEO is a new and groundbreaking form of treatment from Denmark that raises your energy level and promotes the healing process of your cells. In addition to more energy in everyday life, NEO makes it easier to recover, relieves pain and improves your sleep. All you have to do is sit down in front of the NEO machine, which sends structured water into rotation and creates powerful energy fields that will positively affect your body. Get into balance, recharge and reset yourself — naturally.

More energy in 45 minutes

Our cells are intelligent and will always go back to square one. That's why neo treatment helps accelerate your natural healing process, restore your energy levels and all other imbalances in your body — in just 45 minutes.

Relief of pain and stress

NEO has both a proven mental and physical effect. The different energy fields affect your body in different ways and many NEO users experience relief from both pain, chronic conditions and stress — because balance is restored at the cellular level.

Quick recovery

If you have been through a treatment or have experienced a lot of physical pressure, NEO will help your body recover significantly faster. NEO can boost recovery from exercise by up to 25% and side effects from injuries by up to 33%.

Better sleep and more well-being

Research shows that structured water can strengthen cells' ability to collaborate — across the entire body. Therefore, you will not only get more energy in everyday life, but also find that your sleep improves. Stronger cells and better sleep = more well-being.

Easy and new energy

What happens during a NEO session?

The NEO treatment is the easy and quick way to strengthen yourself and optimize your body. All you have to do is relax in front of the NEO machine for 45-55 minutes. Once you have arrived, the NEO machine will start, sending water into rotation and creating the energy fields that rebuild your cells. The different frequencies work at different levels and will affect you differently.

We can accommodate 6 people at a time, but you will have a dedicated area where you can experience the tranquility and feel the difference. Afterwards, you will feel recharged and reset.

A completely natural process

NEO is natural energy that strengthens the entire body and has both preventive and therapeutic effects. The textured and mineral-enriched water sent into rotation creates energy fields that affect your cells at the molecular level and strengthen your body's ability to heal itself — naturally.

Empower yourself faster

The NEO treatment will get your blood pumping four times faster while your heart rate drops. This means that more nutrients are pumped around while waste products are carried away – without straining the body. NEO strengthens the immune system and your energy – physically, mentally and emotionally.

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“I have gained back a great quality of life”

Steen Tinning, professional golf player

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NEO advantages

How can NEO help me?

NEO uses structured water

What is structured water?

Water contains energy
There is a difference between water. The NEO treatment uses structured water, which is water in its most natural form. We are created by 99% water molecules and therefore water in strong motion can communicate with our body and affect us both physically and mentally. The structured water is crucial here, as it is particularly suitable for accumulating the energy emitted by the NEO machine.

Frequencies heal your body
Your body is made up of atoms that produce, emit and receive different levels of energy and frequencies — which we can measure. Your optimal energy level is between 62-78 MHz and when your cells vibrate at that level, your body starts to heal itself. When you are in balance you are resistant to illness and energetic throughout the day. NEO helps you achieve this.
You can see and feel the difference

The cleanest water

Structured water is found in untouched nature such as springs and streams. The free flow and movement of the water is crucial for the structural quality of the water — and this can be seen in the harmonious and hexagonal crystals that characterize the water. The high concentration of energy in the water is crucial for the effect and ability of the NEO treatment to bring the water in your body back to its natural form. This is also why, after a few treatments, you will experience the difference: NEO gives your health a boost at the cellular level that is incomparable.

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Proven and proven effect

Get more out of NEO

NEO is created by Danish Addit Nature who has an ambition to explore nature’s ability to influence our bodies in a positive way. Therefore, the core element of NEO is also water — more specifically, natural water enriched with mineral content: structured water.
Water has an ability to restore its natural, hexagonal structure if affected in the right way. Therefore, Addit Nature has also created a number of unique water bottles in glass and steel, so you can energy enrich the water from your faucet and thus increase the effect of your NEO treatments.
To achieve the best and fastest results of NEO, we therefore recommend that you combine your treatments with the use of Addit Water’s products.
Practical information

What does it cost?

Why NEO?

Raise your energy level

Your natural energy level plays an important role in all the functions of your body and health. We have unfortunately in our society moved further and further away from what is natural. Smoking, alcohol, not enough sleep or exercise and too much stress and disturbances. All this is having a huge and unfavourable impact on the energy levels of the cells. Your energy level is essential for creating the best possible conditions for your body and mind. Start out with NEO and feel the difference on your energy level and your overall well-being.

Maintain natural health
Your body is built by atoms which produce, emit and receive different levels of energy and frequency. We are actually able to measure the frequency and MHz in thoughts, feelings, bacteria, etc. Atoms which vibrates fast has a high frequency and vice versa. A human being’s optimal energy level lies between 62-78 MHz. This is when your cells and atoms vibrate at the level they are originally designed for. You are resistant against ailments and energised a whole day when you are in balance. This is the state which NEO assists you in attaining.

Empower and detox
When you use the NEO treatment, the powerful energy field that is created gets copied and utilised by your cells on a molecule level. All atoms in your body starts working faster and the cells optimise their energy level and accelerate their processes. They get better at sorting what is coming in and what is going out. What happens simultaneously is that your blood pumps four times as quick whilst your heart rate drops. This causes more nutrients to be distributed while the toxins leave without straining the body. NEO strengthens the immune system and your well-being – physically, mentally and emotionally.

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