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We are currently looking for 5 people for NEO courses in each of our two centres.

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What is a neo treatment?
For a NEO treatment, do nothing but relax in an armchair in presence with our NEO machine.

The treatment lasts 45-55 minutes and is recovery treatment that restores the activity of your cells and helps you to restore the imbalances that are in your body.

You can read more about NEO here.

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What happens during a NEO session?

When having a NEO treatment you need to do nothing more than relax in a comfortable lounge chair in the room of the NEO machine. The treatment lasts for 45-55 minutes. It starts out with cleansing the aura after which it will work on the physical level and lastly the mental level. This procedure will continue during the whole session until the treatment is complete.

We have room for up to 6 people at a time and it does not play a role in how many people are actually there during your session. We simply recommend silence and comfortable clothing.

NEO is for everyone

Is NEO something for me when I am healthy and content?

NEO is for anyone who wants to experience what ‘Natural Energy Optimization’ can do for them.

Precisely because NEO goes in and supports the body’s natural processes, it works as both a preventive and a causal treatment. For that reason, we have many “healthy” clients who use NEO treatments.

We also have good experiences with people who work with NEO on a mental and emotional level, who experience finding more peace and profit in everyday life.

You can compare NEO with how you use your dentist or taking supplements. You do not go to the dentist until you have a hole, but you get there preventively to avoid cavities in the teeth. The same with supplements that help prevent and maintain balance in the body.

"Your energy level is the key to your health"

Why NEO?

Human energy levels play a major role in all body functions and overall health. All matter is made up of atoms that naturally produce, emit and receive different levels of energy and frequencies.

Everything from our thoughts and feelings to bacteria and viruses vibrate and emit specific waves, which we can measure in Mhz, among other things, measured in frequency.

An atom that vibrates faster has a higher frequency and, conversely, an atom that vibrates more slowly has a lower frequency. All existence has an optimal vibration level, and the same applies to people whose natural energy level should be between 62-78 Mhz. Illness starts at 58Mhz. The optimal energy level occurs when the atoms in the human body vibrate at the level they were designed for, in this energy level our body is in balance, resilient and can maintain its natural state of health.

Our energy level is thereby essential to create the best conditions for our body and mind. The energy level is determined by our way of life and how we relate to life – physically, mentally and emotionally, but is also affected by our surroundings.

In our society and way of life today, we have moved further and further away from what is intended by nature. All the things we know today are “bad” for us, for example. smoking, alcohol, too little exercise, too much stress, interference from wifi, mobile phone and television, processed food and too little nature, all contribute to affecting our cells’ natural energy levels in a negative way.

The NEO treatment manages to bring the body’s cells back to their natural energy level, and here lies the NEO concept’s raison d’être.

In a NEO session, a powerful energy field is created, which our cells at the atomic and molecular level go in and read, absorb and utilize. The atoms in our body begin to vibrate faster, whereby the cells optimize its energy level and accelerate its processes so that they become better at communicating as well as sorting into the things to be transported in and out of the cells. This strengthens the immune system, symptoms are reduced and in general we experience a greater surplus physically, mentally and emotionally.

During a NEO session, the blood is pumped 4 times faster around the body at the same time as the heart rate drops, ie. more oxygen and more nutrients are transported around the body at the same time as more waste substances are carried away, this without an increased load on the body. This also makes NEO a good cleansing treatment.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding NEO, the therapeutic advantages or do you need answers to any other given questions? You are more than welcome to contact us via telephone or email.

Float Studio Copenhagen
Phone: 23 64 46 11
Email: kbh@floatstudio.dk
Float Studio Aarhus
Phone: 28 68 46 11
Email: aarhus@floatstudio.dk
“I have gained back a great quality of life”

Steen Tinning, professional golf player

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NEO advantages

How can NEO help me?

NEO uses structured water

What is structured water?

Water contains energy
There is a difference between water. The NEO treatment uses structured water, which is water in its most natural form. We are created by 99% water molecules and therefore water in strong motion can communicate with our body and affect us both physically and mentally. The structured water is crucial here, as it is particularly suitable for accumulating the energy emitted by the NEO machine.

Frequencies heal your body
Your body is made up of atoms that produce, emit and receive different levels of energy and frequencies — which we can measure. Your optimal energy level is between 62-78 MHz and when your cells vibrate at that level, your body starts to heal itself. When you are in balance you are resistant to illness and energetic throughout the day. NEO helps you achieve this.
You can see and feel the difference

The cleanest water

Structured water is found in untouched nature such as springs and streams. The free flow and movement of the water is crucial for the structural quality of the water — and this can be seen in the harmonious and hexagonal crystals that characterize the water. The high concentration of energy in the water is crucial for the effect and ability of the NEO treatment to bring the water in your body back to its natural form. This is also why, after a few treatments, you will experience the difference: NEO gives your health a boost at the cellular level that is incomparable.

Addit Nature


Addit Nature has through their inspiration and knowledge on water’s natural state created a variety of products under the name Addit Water. These assist in enriching the body with more energy in a simple and accessible way.

Water has an ability to recreate itself to its natural hexagonal structure. If the water is affected in the right way it will again become structured and rich in energy. Addit Natures’ water bottles in either glass or steel are created so you yourself can structure your own tap water and by this enrich your body and cells with extra energy. The water bottles have been structured and therefore they are able to give this information to the water added to the bottle.

We suggest that in addition to the NEO treatments you also drink structured water on a daily basis from the Addit Nature bottles to get the best results.

Practical information

What does it cost?

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