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Tranquility is now rarely seen in our society, and it can be scary to allow to be with the calm when it is finally there. Here we really get to feel ourselves, and we are not used to that.

We have become accustomed to the fact that our senses are constantly activated and that we are continuously disturbed throughout our daily lives. Studies show that we are disturbed every 3 minutes, and if it is not by others, then we do it ourselves by burying ourselves in the smartphone or tablet.

We live in a society where there are high expectations that we are productive, continuously developing and technologically active. Unfortunately, we often forget that our human evolution – both brain and body – is not developed and geared for this, and this means that our system is working overtime. This means that we need RO more than ever before, as we, like a battery, need to be charged so that we do not run out of energy and burn out.

“Floating has a significant effect, including reducing anxiety and muscle tension as well as increasing relaxation and serenity. In addition, blood pressure dropped significantly throughout the float session.” 1

Silence and pauses are necessary to function normally, but it can be difficult when we have to do it all (in half the time) and deliver to both our own and those of our surroundings.

For many, there is simply no time for the breaks, and everyday life rumbles on, and for others, the silence and tranquility is unpleasant, as it can be difficult to be with oneself, and all the thoughts and feelings that come up.

But it’s important to make room for everything that’s in you. We must be curious and inclusive of ourselves, and we must dare to meet ourselves. Being with oneself and just sitting down without having to do anything is what we know as meditation. Many believe that meditation is a certain way of
think or not think about. Meditation is actually just being with what is – breathing and seeing and feeling what’s happening in you.

The same thing happens in a float tank, and it is often the part that challenges our guests to start with. But because the environment of the float pod, as it is, in a short time you achieve transforming effects. Among other things, because you are not disturbed, it is relaxing for the body, and you are automatically helped down to deeper brain wave frequencies, such as the alpha and theta stages, which is extremely healthy for our brain and the rest of our system.

The more extreme an overload we put on the body through our environment, in the form of noise and screens, the more extreme tools we must use to find a balance – without burning down. Floating is a unique tool, as it both relieves the body and removes up to 90%
of all stimuli – also called sensory reduction. Precisely this combination creates maximum physical and mental recovery.

In Float Studio, we hope you will take the peace with you – whether it’s just 5 minutes or an hour – everything has an effect.

Team Float Studio

1 Biological Psyhiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and neuroimaging. 2018

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