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Meditation and floating

Do you find it difficult to meditate and stay focused for a long time? Then you need to try floating . The unique environment of the float pod can become your new best friend and your most important meditation tool. The floating tank cuts you off from all sensory putt and in other words cuts you off from the things that can knock you off course and be distracting during meditation.

It should not be difficult to sit still with your eyes closed without doing anything, but still have a lot of trouble keeping the noise out and turning your mind off. There is also a good reason for this. Getting the flow of thoughts to stand still is much harder than that. The mind is a distraction in itself, but so can our body. Then you’re sore here, it’s scratching here, you hear a car gasping up outside as well as other disturbing elements that your body notices. That said, it is difficult to keep internal and external distractions out.

Have you never tried to meditate? Or maybe you are a seasoned exerciser? Whether you are a beginner, practicing or have been meditating on a daily basis for many years, you will get more out of your meditation during a float session at Floatstudio .

What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice where you use a technique – such as mindfulness or focusing on a specific object, thought or activity – to train your attention and consciousness, while achieving mental clarity, emotional calm and a stable inner state. . Meditation is more and more prevalent in the world today, and more people are trying their hand at the practice with great success.

Meditation is a way of directing one’s attention, and it is basically about you becoming one with your attention. Many people associate meditation with being religious or otherwise spiritual, but that is far from the case. Modern meditation, especially mindfulness, has nothing to do with religion or the metaphysical. On the other hand, there are many who meditate to relax or achieve self-development .

The benefits of meditation

There are many benefits to meditating, and the practice is also very individual from person to person. But once you have become better at concentrating and being present, you can use this focus and calm in other contexts of your everyday life. Among other things, you will could be better at:

  • increase your ability to concentrate and solve your work tasks more efficiently
  • manage your stress , anxiety etc.
  • improve your state of health in the form of lower blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol
  • improve your relationships with others with fewer conflicts
  • achieve greater inner peace
  • increase your self-awareness and self-awareness
  • be present in the now
  • improve your sleep
  • build greater compassion as well as understanding for others and not least yourself.

As I said, meditation is very individual and therefore the above benefits are only a fraction of what you can get out of meditating regularly along with floating.

Floating as an effective tool for your meditation

As mentioned earlier, floating and especially our float pod can be an effective tool when you need to meditate. This is because the float pod cuts off all your sensory inputs, making it easier for you to reach the deep meditative stages. You will thus get the full benefit out of your meditation and experience your presence in a whole new way. With floating, you get the opportunity to remove all the influences and external distractions that you will experience at home, and you will find it easier to concentrate on you.

Are you ready to experience a new tool for your meditation, or do you need to try floating as part of your mindfulness? So finally book a time!

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