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Floating against stress

With floating , you get an effective therapy tool that can help you fight a stressful everyday life and help get your body back in its natural balance. You certainly know someone who has been affected by stress, or you have experienced it yourself. Maybe you’re experiencing it right now. It can be in the form of palpitations, anger outbursts, concentration problems and many other symptom traits. It is a way the body warns you that you are stressed and out of balance.

Stress is not a tangible thing as it manifests itself differently from person to person via a wide range of physical, mental and behavioral symptoms. This is where floating and the unique environment of the float pod come into the picture. Are you interested in learning more about how floating can be an effective tool against stress? Then read this blog post, where we get into what stress is and the impact of floating on this state of stress, and how you can regain the body’s natural balance through our special stress therapy.

What is stress?

Today, one alternates between 2 types of stress: the short-term and the long-term, where it is the latter that poses a threat to one’s health. According to the Psychiatric Foundation , stress is defined as a state of stress that can manifest itself physically, mentally and behaviorally. The condition arises when external and internal demands exceed the resources we each have. The word “requirements” must be understood broadly, as there may be work requirements, requirements in private life and requirements that are physical, mental or emotional.

“Stress is a big problem in everyday life for many Danes, but despite this knowledge, it can be difficult to say anything exactly about the prevalence and extent of stress among Danes. There are many smaller studies that map the extent of stress in small groups. Unfortunately, however, there are neither recent national studies nor action plans that uncover the challenges on a more general level. There is therefore a lot of confusion and disagreement about how wrong it is. Disagreement or not, we can state that these are worrying and harsh figures, which have major consequences both for the individual, the family and for society as a whole. These figures are becoming more and more clear ”

Stress Association

Floating as an alternative treatment for stress and anxiety

Floating and its unique environment limit you from 90% of your sensory inputs as well as give body and brain a free space from outside influences. After just 20 minutes in the float pod – the floating tank – one’s stress level is significantly lowered. This shows a study done on 50 people, where the results were clear and universal: All the participants experienced the same effect, and it was completely without them having to do anything. The environment in the float pod did all the work for them and became an alternative treatment for both stress and anxiety.

You will also find that your blood pressure drops, and already after 10-15 minutes in the float pod, your blood pressure may have dropped up to 20%, and the same actually applies to your anxiety level. In addition, the number of biochemicals that are directly associated with stress is reduced and adrenaline production is inhibited at the same time, which means that the “Fight and Escape” response is deactivated and anti-stress hormones are produced. All in all, you give your body the opportunity to relax when you are at Floatstudio .

Restore the body’s natural balance with floating

You do not have to be stressed to experience a positive difference with floating. In fact, you will already feel the above effects of your first float , and this is whatever you may be struggling with. As human beings in 2020, we have many things to look at, and busyness is quite normal in most people’s daily lives. However, our brains are constantly on overtime in the fast-paced society, and many researchers believe that we are not biologically created for that.

With regular floats, you can regain the body’s natural balance and give yourself a well-deserved break in a busy day. The float pod is simply the most effective tool against stress and anxiety, or if you experience everyday life pressing on. You get rid of all external influences, can relax and just give yourself an hour of peace, where you experience the most amazing form of well-being that is available.

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