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Concussion: Floating gave me back the quality of life

Maria shares her vulnerable story and how, thanks to courses in Float Studio with floating and NEO, she has reduced her debilitating symptoms after concussion. We have many of these stories, but this one is probably one of the most beautiful we have experienced. Thanks for sharing <3.

3 years ago I had an accident where I suffered a serious concussion. The next few years became a constant search for something that could help me with my pain. I read a lot of studies online about concussions, including a study about floating and concussions. The study concerned sports athletes who had suffered a concussion, where attempts were made to treat it using, among other things, floating. The results spoke for themselves: 34% of sports athletes experienced an improvement over the 3 months of the trial. I therefore began to investigate whether there was floating in Denmark. Through this I found Float Studio.

I had tried countless treatments before Float Studio

I started at Float Studio in February 2022. At this time, I was very plagued by daily headaches, frequent migraine attacks, stressed nervous system and lack of energy. Before I started, I had been to a free consultation with Float Studio’s stress coach, Sara, who listened to my challenges. She explained to me about floating, and together we made a plan for what a course could look like for me with my challenges: Floating 2 times a week it came about. To be honest, I didn’t quite believe it. I have tried countless treatments throughout my course, so I was naturally very skeptical. But it should be given a chance.

Reduced headaches and calmed nervous system

I come to Float Studio for my first float session. Here I am shown around the facilities and later down to the float tank, where everything is ready for me. After that, the float session begins. When I got back up, I was tired. Very tired. Not exhausted, but more like for the first time in a very long time, my body had calmed down. I drink a cup of tea in the lounge and land before heading home. When I get home, I start to feel a calmness in my head that I haven’t experienced since before my accident. Skeptical as I was, I really just thought it must be a coincidence. A few days later, I went to my next float session. After that, I had no doubts. Floating really had an effect on my headaches and my nervous system. My headaches were reduced both after the session, but also in the days after, and my nervous system calmed down. I also suffered from poor sleep after the concussion, so it helped tremendously that my nervous system finally got some rest so that the body could properly recover through the night. It was the greatest relief finally to have found something that could reduce my pain.

NEO refueled my energy

Later, I was introduced to Neo treatment (Natural Energy Optimization), which Float Studio also offers. Here, too, I was initially skeptical, but it should – like the float sessions – have a chance. Here, too, I was pleasantly surprised. I experienced the same calm in my head as at the float sessions. Unlike the float sessions, which really got my body into gear, the NEO sessions gave me a huge refueling of energy. It was just what my body needed. To me, NEO is a bit like meditation, except that the state you get into during a NEO session is much deeper than meditation. I could therefore see a good combination between the float sessions and the Neo sessions, so my body got both pain reduction, calm to the nervous system, and more energy. Therefore, we changed my course to 1 weekly float session and 1 weekly NEO session.

I’ve had to bite my skepticism because both the float sessions and the NEO sessions have really helped me through my concussion. It has given me so much peace in my pain, peace in my nervous system, more energy and not least increased quality of life to come to Float Studio. It’s the start of the best self-development journey for me.

Float Studio gets the biggest recommendation from me for any concussion sufferer.”

Curious about floating’s many results?

If you want to know more about the results of effective use of floating, watch this documentary:

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