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Before your first float

Float guide

In this guide, we come up with great advice regarding your first float. There are some little tips and tricks as well as practical information that are nice to know in advance and if you are going to float for the mental benefits it is also described here. If you come to enjoy the physical benefits, our focus is not on this in this guide. The physical benefits come by themselves, and it is difficult to come up with good advice, as it is a process that happens per. automatically by staying in the float tank.


Arrive well in advance so there is time for instruction and just to sit for a few minutes. We recommend you come 10-15 min. before going in and floating.

Plan your float well in advance and preferably on a day when you do not have too many errands before or after. If you have too much to achieve, it can distract you and distract you from the present so you can not fully enjoy the experience. However, it can also work fine to use it during a time when you have a free space on a weekday and give yourself an extra boost for the rest of the day.

Finally, sit in our lounge when you are done and enjoy the emotions. We have set up a chillout lounge where the environment is nice and relaxing. There is gentle music and big green plants, so finally hang in there and enjoy your own time. Make an experience out of it!

We have everything you need. You do not need to bring anything. When you arrive you will receive earplugs and a towel and we have a preparation room with blow dryer, flat iron, cotton swabs and everything else you will need if you need to move on after your float. We also provide Vaseline which you can apply to small tears or wounds to prevent it from stinging. Remember we do not recommend you float if you have larger rips!

We recommend that you float without anything. Bikinis or swimming trunks tighten on the skin and may be the reason why you do not get the full experience out of the float. Of course, it is entirely up to you and remember that the room is completely your own and can be locked from the inside.

If you have dyed hair, be aware that it must take a minimum of 14 days before you are ready to float.

It is a good idea that the stomach is fit, so we do not recommend eating a large meal immediately before so you are oversaturated and also it is not a good idea to be starving to death. Find a balance so that your stomach does not rumble. Just right are the keywords here. Eat a small meal a few hours before is our recommendation.

Avoid stimuli before your visit with us. Here we mean especially caffeine and nicotine. Drop the coffee that day or wait until later. Likewise, you should avoid alcohol in the days leading up to and the same applies to euroifying substances.

Avoid shaving before coming down to us. The tank is filled with 600 kg of epsom salt and even the slightest rift can sting terribly at the start of your float, disrupting the experience.

Move! It can make your experience better if you move before you go down to the float pod. Bike a ride, go to the gym or go for a brisk trot. It may help you to relax more easily if you have moved beforehand, but it is certainly not a necessity.


Breathe. The float environment is a new experience and it can take time to adapt and completely relax in new surroundings. Do not panic if you suddenly become restless. We are used to being distracted from all sides in our daily lives and now you are in a place without a single one. Focus on your breathing or try to relax your whole body by starting from the toes and ending at the head. We have floated a lot so finally ask us for advice and we can come up with good ideas and suggestions on how to get the most out of your visit.

Be open-minded. Do not let expectations get too high. Floating is nothing short of amazing, but too high expectations can also affect your experience. By maintaining an “open-mind”, you make room for new ideas and impressions. That way, you can make it your personal development tool.

Go with the flow. It’s OKAY that your mind is still active. Let the thoughts come and go. Think of your brain as a computer. It takes time to shut down all the “open” programs. Eventually you slip into an extended THETA stage. A stage we rarely have access to, usually only possible after long periods of meditation. This is where you experience a boost in problem solving and creativity. Repressed emotions or memories may surface and there is a possibility that you may have access to your subconscious. It becomes easier each time to reach this stage.


Take it all with you and avoid jumping directly back into the “chaos”. We recommend that you at least, sit 10. Min after your float to absorb the whole experience and prepare you for your next step. With a clear head, you may want to do something about what you have “postponed” or finally make the decision you have gathered courage for. You are welcome to stay as long as you like!

Observe if you feel anything different in the days (or weeks) after your experience in the float studio. Maybe it’s the way you react if something annoys you or by having bigger profits in social contexts. It may also be your sleep pattern is better. By paying attention, you can find out how floating works best for you e.g. can it be an early morning float is what you need because you will find more energy through the day and the days after.

Build on that. Inner calm and clarity is not something that just comes by itself, but it is a discipline. The float tank is the tool that can help you relax and stay focused, but be ready to take that step further. Make floating your personal tool, to achieve great things.

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