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Athletes and their experience of floating

Why do athletes practice floating? We can answer that.

Floating is a tool that can help athletes in several ways. Athletes who are serious about their sport often experience difficult situations where their emotions, stress and negative thoughts often block and affect their body. Especially in very pressured situations such as. during important competitions and championships the mind gets its own life. In these situations, athletes experience myriads of thoughts that are very difficult to control and that are often new and unfamiliar. It sounds like big promises that a 60-minute session in body-tempered saline should be enough to create a state where the stress that plagues most of us in a hectic workday slowly flows away and is replaced by calm and balance in the body and soul. But it is precisely these myriads of thoughts that floating can help provide answers to.

In addition to the mental benefits, there are also many physical benefits. The high levels of magnesium that are present in the water, absorb into the muscles and restore important building blocks for one’s body function and relaxation, which most people are not aware that they actually lack. Especially athletes who physically use their body a lot get the recovery they need when they train 6-8 times a week.

What floating offers athletes (as well as non-athletes) include:

  • Vasodilation
  • Mental clarity
  • Good recovery
  • An extra boost to their performance

Vasodilation means that the blood vessels of the body dilate, ie the smooth muscles of the blood vessels relax and the vessels dilate. This is very important for athletes in particular, as larger blood vessels correspond to more blood flow, resulting in better oxygen supply to the body. More oxygenated blood pumped around the body can help give that extra boost to their performance.

But how do we really know this?

We’ve had athletes in Float Studio! We have talked to some Danish athletes who float regularly with us.

Jeppe Morrell, a Danish professional boxer, says, among other things, “Physically, I recover significantly faster, and in addition, I experience that floating also helps with back injuries. Mentally, it provides a respite where you can recharge your mental battery – it is difficult to achieve complete peace without disruption, especially up to an important battle with pressure from the media. “

We also had a chat with Kojo Musah, the top athlete in running, who also believes that floating has a positive effect on his physical but also mental performance. Musah says, “Without a doubt, floating has had a positive effect on my performance. My performance has improved as my diet and recovery have improved. In addition, for a while you have the opportunity to shut the world out, which means that you can focus on the things that you need to focus on. ”

Frederik Fenger, Thai boxer and personal trainer, also has only positive words to mention about floating. “Floating gives my body that extra when it is under daily pressure. It’s like an extra day off during the week! Mentally, it gives me a good reflection on my training and at the same time it relaxes my mind in a stressful everyday life. I experience a calm when I walk away. In addition, it provides a calm in the moment, which has a “drug” effect, as I get away. ” The top athlete in triple jump, Dennis Mägi Bakari, can really feel the difference when he floats and when he does not. He says: “I floated regularly last year, and especially up towards the Danish Championships, where I ended up jumping my longest jump ever. The year after the Danish Championships, where I did not float, things went much worse, as the focus on the technique was “even though I had trained 10 months more. However, I also had a bad day – but I have not done so since regular floating. Floating also strengthens my senses, calm in body, mind and soul and in addition also more profit ”.

The beauty of floating is that the more you float, the more intense and better the experience becomes. Athlete
or not, if you want to give yourself a physical and mental benefit to life, why not give
Float Studio a visit?

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